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Bible Review: NKJV Adventure Bible

NKJV Adventure Bible. Lawrence O. Richards, ed. 2014. 1568 pages. [Source: Review copy]

The Adventure Bible is available in at least three translations: the New International Version (NIV), the New International Reader's Version (NIrV), and the New King James Version (NKJV). The NKJV is the latest in the series to release.

Earlier this year, I reviewed the NIRV Adventure Bible for Early Readers. It was my first time reading the NIRV translation, and, my review focused just as much on the translation as the special features of this children's Bible.

I will not be spending much time--if any--commenting on the translation. I've spent almost two decades reading this translation off and on.

Some of the special features of this children's Bible:
Articles, Charts, How-Tos, etc.:

  • How To Use this Bible
  • How To Know You Are a Christian
  • Ten Commandments for Kids
  • Bible Verses To Read When You Feel…
  • Famous Old Testament Prophets
  • Love Passage for Kids
  • Two Week Reading Plan on Jesus' Life
  • What Jesus Taught About…
  • Famous Children of the Bible
  • How to Pray
  • Getting to Know Jesus
  • The Life of Jesus Christ
  • The Lord's Prayer
  • Famous People of the Bible
  • The 12 Disciples
  • Subject Index
  • Concordance
  • Maps

Recurring Features

  • Book Introductions
  • "Words to Treasure"
  • "Did You Know?"
  • "Life in Bible Times"
  • "People in Bible Times"
  • "Live It!"

From Ten Commandments for Kids (Based on Exodus 20:1-17 and Deuteronomy 5:7-21)
1. You may not love anyone or anything more than you love God.
2. You may not worship, or put more importance on any person or thing, other than God. You must worship only the Lord, not a friend, not a movie star or sports hero, not a car or skateboard. Nothing.
3. You may not swear. Use God's holy name in a loving way, never to express anger or frustration.
4. One day of your week should be set aside for resting and worshipping God.
5. Respect your parents. Love them, and the Lord will reward you in your life.
From Love Passage for Kids (Based on 1 Corinthians 13)
Love will stand in line and wait its turn.
Love looks for the good in others.
Love doesn't always want what others have, and it doesn't brag about what it does have.
Love is polite, even when the other person is rude.
Love doesn't have to be first.
Love doesn't get angry over small things, and it doesn't remember one reason after another to be hurt.
Like all the new editions of the Adventure Bible, this one is in full color. It is brightly illustrated throughout.

Example of book introduction:
The Gospel According to Matthew
Who wrote this book? Matthew, one of Jesus' 12 disciples, wrote this book.
Why was this book written? Matthew shows the Jews that Jesus is the Messiah promised in the Old Testament
For whom was this book written? Matthew was written for the Jewish people.
What happens in this book? This book tells about Jesus' birth, His life as an adult, His teaching, death, and resurrection.
Who is the key person in this book? Jesus is the most important person in this book
When did this happen? These events took place between 6 B.C. and A.D. 30.
Where did this happen? Most events took place in towns in Gailillee.
What are some of the stories in this book?
Wise men visit Jesus (Matthew 2:1-23), How to be blessed (Matthew 5:1-12), The Lord's Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13), Jesus feeds 5,000 people (Matthew 14:13-21), Jesus walks on water (Matthew 14:22-33), Lost sheep (Matthew 18:10-14), Jesus enters Jerusalem (Matthew 21:1-11), Jesus is crucified (Matthew 27:32-56), Jesus returns to life (Matthew 28:1-10), Jesus' Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20).
Is it heavy or light on notes and features? I'd say it offers a good amount for the age group. Here is a sampling from Matthew:

  • Did You Know? Why is this genealogy in Matthew?
  • Live It! A Jesus Baby Book
  • Did You Know? What does "repent" mean?
  • Live It! Fighting Temptation
  • Did You Know? What are the beatitudes?
  • Words to Treasure: Matthew 5:44
  • Life in Bible Times: Giving to the Needy
  • Live It! Look in the Mirror
  • People in Bible Times: The Centurion
  • People in Bible Times: Tax Collectors
  • Did You Know? What did Jesus' disciples do?
  • Live It! A Family Fun Night
  • Life in Bible Times: Yokes
  • Did You Know? Who was Beelzebub?
  • Did You Know? What is the parable of the tares about?
  • Live It! Appreciation Night
  • Life in Bible Times: Baskets
  • Did You Know? On what rock will Jesus build His church?
  • Live It! God's Not Mad at Me!
  • Live It! Jesus Loves the Children
  • Life in Bible Times: The Denarius
  • Did You Know? What is "authority"?
  • Words to Treasure: Matthew 22:37, 39
  • Life in Bible Times: Phylacteries
  • Did you know? What are "woes"?
  • Live It! Be Ready When Jesus Comes
  • People in Bible Times: Judas
  • Did You Know? What was the Sanhedrin?
  • Live It! Sorry After Doing Wrong
  • People In Bible Times: Pontius Pilate
  • Life in Bible Times: Jesus' Tomb
  • Words to Treasure: Matthew 28:19-20

It would be easy to recommend this one to parents and grandparents looking for a Bible to give their children or grandchildren.

© Becky Laney of Operation Actually Read Bible

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