Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Book Review: The Unexpected Jesus

The Unexpected Jesus. R.C. Sproul. 2005. (AKA Mighty Christ in 1995). Christian Focus. 142 pages. [Source: Bought]

The Unexpected Jesus is a book about Jesus, about how the names and titles closely connected to Him reveal who he is and what he came to do. If you're looking for one book that tells you both about the person and the works of Jesus Christ, this would be a good fit. Especially for new believers. It's not too short, not too long. Twelve just-right chapters: six focusing on WHO Jesus is and six focusing on WHAT he did. Sproul addresses the basics. If you've read the gospels, you've come across these phrases, these titles, these names. Maybe you understood what you read. Maybe you didn't. But Sproul carefully examines them all and presents them clearly. (Son of Man, Son of God, Lamb of God,  Messiah or Christ, Lord, Lion, Prophet, Priest, King, etc. The presentation isn't examining these titles or names in isolation or out of context.)

As much as I liked the first half, I think I loved the second half a little bit more. It is a very clear presentation of the gospel.

  • The Need for Atonement
  • Sin and Redemption
  • Christ Our Ransom
  • Blessing or Curse?
  • Securing Our Faith
  • Justification by Faith

It is easy to recommend this one. It does keep it simple--relatively speaking at least. It isn't comprehensive or exhaustive. This isn't the most in-depth treatment of the subject. But it does have a clear focus and it is accessible. It works for me.

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