Friday, November 6, 2015

Book Review: 30-day Praise Challenge for Parents

The 30 Day Praise Challenge For Parents. Becky Harling. 2014. David Cook. 240 pages. [Source: Bought]

Last year I reviewed the 30 Day Praise Challenge. There is a second book available specifically for parents. The concept is the same, but, the focus is shifted slightly. The aim of the book is on parenting and spiritual growth. How changing your perceptions of God and trusting Him more and more can help you to parent better. The prayers included in the book reinforce this concept in many ways, and may help you know how to pray for your children.

 What you need: praise music, a Bible, a journal, and the desire or the commitment to spend some time each day with God, about twenty minutes.

Part one introduces readers to the challenge, outlines the program, and talks about the goals.

Part two IS the challenge. Thirty days of daily entries. Each entry is broken down into sections. The first section, "Invitation," reads like a devotion. The second section, "Listen," recommends specific praise songs to listen to that day. The third section, "Pray," includes a prayer to pray. The final section, "Journal," asks a reflection question.

Part three is going above and beyond the challenge. Consider it a bonus, if you will! It includes the following:

  • praising God for His qualities
  • praising God using His names
  • using Scriptures to praise God for His work in your child's life
  • praising God when you are grieving the death of a child
  • praising God when you and your spouse disagree over parenting issues
  • lifting a mantle of praise over kids whose parents are in ministry
  • lifting a mantle of praise over your adopted child
  • lifting a mantle of praise over children of divorce

The back matter also includes a topical index and a list of praise songs recommended throughout the book.

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