Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Book Review: The Quieting

The Quieting. Suzanne Woods Fisher. 2016. Revell. 352 pages. [Source: Review copy]

Last year, I read and loved Suzanne Woods Fisher's The Imposter, the first book in her new series, The Bishop's Family. I really, really, really LOVED this second book in the series. (Though perhaps I think the title says perhaps a little too much about the plot.)

The Stoltfzfus family is "in trouble." Apparently, the news has spread to their family in Ohio. Help--or should I say "help" is on the way. David's MOTHER, Tillie (aka MAMMI), is coming with two of her granddaughters: Laura and Abigail. David will struggle most with his mother who is without a doubt a FORCE. His mother has ideas on how his house should be managed, how his store should be managed, how his church should be managed (well, maybe this one is a stretch), and how his love life should be managed (this one is NOT a stretch). And it's not just David she's looking to transform. Abigail, her granddaughter, is her second priority--behind her son. A husband must be found. The sooner the better. And she has one or two possibilities in mind...

Abigail. I just want to say that as much as I enjoyed all the characters in this one--and I do mean it--I think Abigail may just be my FAVORITE AMISH HEROINE EVER. I adore her. Truly I do. I also enjoyed Dane Glick. (Let's just say that he is not on Mammi's approved list. And that Abigail isn't interested in making a list of her own--of eligible possibilities.) He raises sheep, but, really, truly dreams of working with horses, of healing them. Readers actually meet Dane before meeting Abigail. In the first chapter of the book, I believe, he comes into David's store and pronounces that he's SEEN THE ONE HE WANTS TO MARRY. He doesn't know her name, or, anything about her, just that she's new in town, visiting SOMEONE.

So. There is a LOT OF drama in the community as David tries to figure out what to do with what he knows--information about the personal lives of the current bishop and his family.

I loved this one so much. I loved that it was character-driven. I loved that the focus is on the family and the community. I loved the flawed characters. I loved the drama--when it came. This one is just a compelling read set in a community I've come to love.

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