Sunday, April 16, 2017

Attributes of God

Today I am recommending to you a DVD teaching series called ATTRIBUTES OF GOD. Steven J. Lawson covers this huge topic in sixteen twenty-three minute lectures. He does a GREAT job. His sermons are anything but boring, the topic couldn't be more fascinating--the study of God himself.

The Aseity of God
The Spirituality of God
The Sovereignty of God
The Holiness of God
The Omnipresence of God
The Omniscience of God
The Omnipotence of God
The Immutability of God
The Truthfulness of God
The Wisdom of God
The Goodness of God
The Grace of God
The Love of God
The Foreknowledge of God
The Wrath of God

All the sermons are really good and worth your time. But I have to say that the last five sermons are outstanding. There are some sermons that are absolute musts in my opinion.

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