Sunday, April 2, 2017

God Alone

This past week, I listened to R.C. Sproul's teaching series (DVD) God Alone. There were ten 23-minute messages. The subject was THE REFORMATION. There were two sermons for each of the five solas.

  • Faith Alone
  • Grace Alone
  • Christ Alone
  • Scripture Alone
  • Glory to God Alone

The series provided context for the Reformation. The starting point being, as you might have guessed, what the Roman Catholic church taught and believed at this time period--and perhaps to a certain extent what they still believe today. Then Sproul launches into who Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation. The series is more than just what any one person believes to be true. The series also focuses on what the Bible teaches. But there is certainly a historical lesson included as well.

I really enjoyed listening--yes listening--to this one. Though the messages were video messages on DVD, I listened while I sewed Bible covers. (I'll only share one picture this time.) You don't have to see R.C. to get something out of his messages!

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