Monday, April 16, 2018

Book Review: A Breath of Hope

A Breath of Hope. Lauraine Snelling. 2018. Bethany House. 336 pages. [Source: Review copy]

First sentence: Nilda Carlson stared at the money in her hand.

Premise/plot: A Breath of Hope is the sequel to Lauraine Snelling's The Promise of Dawn. In the first book readers met Signe and Rune Carlson and journeyed with them to America. The couple and their children began working for their relatives Einar and Gerd. Einar is a lumberman with a booming temper; Gerd, in the first book, had a mighty temper as well. Hers seems to be the result of pain and regret. Signe's kindness and graciousness melted Gerd's heart in the end. Perhaps Signe's newborn daughter also helped the situation!!!

In the second book, readers meet Nilda and Ivar Carlson--Rune's younger brother and sister. In this one, they journey to America. They'll be joining the family and working for Einar and Gerd.

Signe and Rune have a BIG job ahead of them--working for Einar and Gerd Strand while at the same time planning and working towards building their own home. It's exhausting and demanding to balance all that hard work fairly. Especially since Einar continues to be a horribly rude and ungracious host.

Will Einar ever have a change of heart?

My thoughts: A Breath of Hope is just as wonderful as The Promise of Dawn. I continue to care about these characters. The story is emotional and intense without being melodramatic and without being preachy. Reading these two books made me want to read more of Snelling's novels.

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Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Sounds like a great book to read. I need to add it to my "books I want to read" list.