Sunday, January 5, 2020

Black Construction Paper to the Rescue

We live in sad times. We live in days where Bible pages are incredibly, super thin--practically see through--and font sizes are tiny. While black construction paper can't solve the size of the font, it can help with bleed-through issues in your Bibles.

It isn't the only option, of course, for helping with bleed through. You can a) buy your Bibles second hand and find Bibles published in the good old days where Bible paper was actually thick and bleed-through a much rarer occurrence, b) buy super-super expensive premium bibles where the paper is extremely high quality c) read the Bible on devices in apps like OliveTree and Bible Gateway, etc. d) use black construction paper trimmed to size and manually move it from page to page as you read.

I originally heard about this tip a few years ago from someone who worked at Mardel. I didn't try it for the longest time. I tried it once last year with the Jubilee bible, but, I didn't trim it to size and it was bulky and awkward. This year I trimmed the paper to size so it fits just right. I am using it in the MEV giant print Bible. I've been reading in it for about two weeks now and I am getting used to it.

With the construction paper behind it

Without the construction paper behind it

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