Friday, January 17, 2020

8. Jesus

Jesus: A Theological Primer (Board book) Devon Provencher. Illustrated by Jessica Provencher. 2020. [February] 22 pages. Crossway. [Source: Review copy] [board book; children's book]

First sentence: Incarnation. Jesus took on a human nature and. Lived among us.

This board book is intended for Christian families to read aloud to their little ones. The text keeps things simple for the most part. There isn’t exactly a cohesive story, more a collection of terms and ideas that are then explained in a simplistic way. At times this works well, “ King. Jesus is the ruler of all things forever.” Could you make it any clearer?! I don’t think so.

Other terms are less clear, for example, priest: “Jesus stands in his people’s place before God.” The concept of priesthood is way more complex than that of kingship. Jesus is our high priest. No question. Is “stands in his people’s place” a simplified way of saying stands before God and intercedes for his people?! Maybe. Maybe not. The way they define it could be defining sacrifice. Which again Jesus is our atoning sacrifice. Atonement is the next word. I don’t have a great issue with this—let’s be honest, most toddlers aren’t going to be big theology debaters before they can read and write. There’s time to grow and expand, clarify and distinguish in the many, many years ahead. But when I hear priest I think mediator. I think intercessor. I think representative.

I thought there was some variety in the words chosen. This isn’t a story of his life. This isn’t a gospel presentation. It is a loose collection of terms centering on Jesus. 

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