Monday, January 6, 2020

3. Serving Up Love

Serving Up Love: A Harvey House Brides Collection. Tracie Peterson. Karen Witemeyer. Regina Jennings. Jen Turano. 2019. Bethany House. 384 pages. [Source: Library] [Christian Fiction; Historical; Romance]

Serving Up Love is a novella collection with four stories. Each heroine is a Harvey House girl. The stories are: “A Flood of Love,” by Tracie Peterson, “More Than a Pretty Face,” by Karen Witemeyer, “Intrigue a la Mode,” by Regina Jennings, “Grand Encounters,” by Jen Turano.

A Flood of Love by Tracie Peterson is an enjoyable historical romance. Gretchen’s heart has been broken in the past. In returning to her hometown, she didn’t expect to see the man who broke her heart, her near fiancé Dirk. But a chance meeting with his daughter leads to the promise of maybe just maybe something more. But a natural disaster may prove an insurmountable obstacle to their happily ever after.

I would rate this 4/5.

More Than a Pretty Face by Karen Witemeyer is a lovely historical romance. This one stars Rosalind Kemp a character first introduced in More Than Words Can Say. She is Abby’s sister!!! She is on the run from her past—a secret that was first revealed in that book. Can Caleb, her most loyal customer, love her as is?! He’s pursuing her and wanting a future, Will a secret from her past dissuade him?!

I love Karen Witemeyer. I am admittedly biased since I adored More Than Words Can Say. 5/5

Intrigue a la Mode by Regina Jennings is another enjoyable historical romance. This is the only of the four to have a mystery suspense element to it. Something illegal is happening at this particular Harvey House...and searching for clues may bring these two strangers together.

I liked this one. 3/5

A Grand Encounter by Jen Turano is a satisfying historical romance. Myrtle is a likable heroine for sure. She has an extremely handsome and loyal customer. The problem? He’s super quiet and shy. He may like like her—many of the other waitresses think so—but he’s never said a word....until his super talkative brother comes to town. Jack has to start talking to stop his brother from scaring her away...will these two find a way to be together?

I rate this one 5/5.
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