Thursday, January 23, 2020

Thoughts on Cheer

I recently binge-watched the six-part docuseries Cheers. It wasn't at all like I was expecting. And that's a good thing. It gave me a glimpse of what reality television COULD be or perhaps SHOULD be in a more-perfect world. I would recommend it for those who are drawn to human interest stories. I would recommend it for those looking for something authentic, genuine and thought-provoking in their reality tv.

It got me thinking. Much like Laurie Halse Anderson's SPEAK gets me thinking. How VERY LITTLE we know about those we pass by. You can't see another person's pain, loss, grief, heartbreak, heartache. You often can't see their strength, resilience, potential. You can't see another person's joys and sorrows, hopes and dreams. What would the world look like if we recognized that we are all walking wounded. That every single person has felt pain, is feeling pain, is healing from pain. Would we be kinder? Would we listen more? Judge less?

The series isn't 100% profanity free so I wouldn't necessarily recommend it as family viewing if you've got little ones--but it GOOD.

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