Monday, November 9, 2020

92. Welcome to the Journey

Welcome to the Journey. A Baptism gift. Bob Hartman. Illustrated by Raffaella Ligi. 2021. [March] Lion Hudson LTD. 40 pages. [guess on my part, but there are at least 36; since most picture books are either 32 or 40, I went with 40] [Source: Review copy]

First sentence: Welcome to the journey. It began long before any of us were born. God made the universe, and everything in it: stars and starfish, planets and polar bears, moons and monkeys. 

Bob Hartman's new picture book celebrates baptism, welcoming children to the Christian faith and the church family. It presents a mini-gospel lesson or two, chiefly about creation, the fall of man, and the coming of a Savior, Jesus Christ. The book concludes by reminding little ones that they are now part of a community--the church. "Welcome to God’s church–that’s what we call the great, big, worldwide family of people who follow Jesus. We are here to help you on your journey, to encourage you, to teach you, to love you, and to support you. For we are all on this journey together. A journey that you joined today, at this time and in this place. But a journey that began before time and will carry on for ever! "

I liked this one. I did. For a short, sweet little book, it covers the basics. It isn't comprehensive enough to cover every little thing you'd want your child to know about the faith. But it's beautifully illustrated. Ideally, the book covers things you'd definitely definitely want your child to know before being baptized and not just on the day of.

I'm not sure if the book is targeting those that believe in infant baptism or believers baptism. Or perhaps both?

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