Wednesday, December 31, 2008

An Observation

This past Christmas, I got a three movie dvd set--something that made me quite happy: the Tammy movies. Tammy and the Bachelor. Tammy Tell Me True. Tammy and the Doctor. What I noticed watching this time round--as a grown up--was how Bible-literate Tammy was. She's always quoting this or that or the other. And she talks about the Bible...and something living and breathing...something vital...something essential. The references to the Bible--quoting snippets here and there, and the clear references to Bible stories--are something I didn't necessarily catch onto as a kid. Maybe I took them for granted. Maybe I shared Tammy's innocence and naivety. But compared to so very many movies out there--and TV too for that matter--I found Tammy to be so refreshing.

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