Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What's On Your Nightstand? (December)

I just finished Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus.
Wycliffe New Testament (I'm reading Luke!)
Word of Promise Next Generation (I'm listening to John! I just have John, 1, 2, 3 John, Jude and Revelation to go)
Jonathan Edwards for Armchair Theologians by James P. Byrd(I'm reading this one very very slowly it seems!)
Daily Readings From the Life of Christ by John MacArthur (a devotional that I hope to start this January)
Night by Elie Wiesel (I'm thinking about reading this one for the Jewish challenge)
In My Hands by Irene Gut Opdyke (I'm in the process of reading this one for the Jewish challenge)


MissDaisyAnne said...

I want to express to you how much I enjoy your blogs and I'm looking forward to reading about the books we will be reading for the challenges!
I just finished a few minutes ago reading the book "Mosaic Pieces of My Life So Far" by Amy Grant. I will finish tonight "A Christmas Carol, The Church Edition" of course the story is by Charles Dickens. I have many books on my TBR pile, but I'm holding off on some of them, I want to include some of them in my challenges.
I also have devotional books that I read everyday, "Daily Light," "Streams in the Dessert," "Our Daily Bread" magazine, and the Bible I'm using now is the new ESV study Bible. I love the new ESV study Bible, I'm real happy to have it.
Merry Christmas!

Becky said...

MissDaisyAnne, you completely made my day! I thank you for visiting my blogs. It means a lot to me to know someone is reading :)

I will be getting the ESV study bible for Christmas--only two more days!!!--I've been waiting and waiting and waiting since it's release in October--I had my Santa pre-order it!

I have read Streams in the Desert once I think several years ago. It was a gift from my aunt. I've also done Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon. That one was good too. I tend to buy devotionals and then get overwhelmed by trying to do fifteen at once. Sounds pretty typical of me doesn't it? This year, I'm thinking of the John MacArthur one I mentioned and the Morning and Evening one. I have an edition that is updated to go with the ESV Bible and it's done by Alistair Begg. (I think that's how you spell it anyway???)

BecauseImTheMommy said...

I read Night in the Spring. It was a quick read, but so well worth it! I hope you enjoy. Happy Reading!

Casey said...

I read Night in college for a humanities class. I really don't remember it at all. I look at it on my shelf, and I often think to myself that I need to reread it. I hope you enjoy it! I'll check back and see if you have anything to say about it. Maybe that will help me move it to the top of my to-be-read pile!

Lynn said...

Love your list! I read the book of Luke during the month of Dec. -- a chapter a day. It was a neat devotional for right before Christmas. I loved Night by Elie Wiesel. My kids had to read it for school, so I read it, too. Hope you like it.