Monday, August 3, 2009

The Pickle Gets a Sippy Cup

Veggie Tales: Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Noah's Umbrella. (August 2009)

This is Minnesota Cuke's second adventure. And while I remember enjoying the first--quite a lot actually since it was one of the first Veggie episodes I watched--I really, really loved this one. I loved everything about it. Larry stars as 'Minnesota Cuke.' And this time the search is on--a bit reluctantly at first--for Noah's Ark. Mr. Muffet ( is building a goldfish pond for his backyard, and he thinks Noah's Ark will complement it perfectly. But he isn't Muffet's first choice--Professor Rattan, his first choice, has gone missing. It is because of his friendship for Rattan--not Muffet's eccentricity--that he takes on the case. The first clue takes him to Mexico where he is reunited with the beautiful Julia. But this reunion is brief as Julia is kidnapped... Now he's off to find Julia, Professor Rattan, and if time permits...Noah's ark. This one introduces a new villain, Wicker, who is wicked and wily. This villain isn't after the ark, he's after Noah's umbrella.

The silly song. Not every silly song works for me. Some are funnier or should I say sillier than others--The Monkey Song currently holds the #1 spot in my heart. But I really, really, really loved this Sippy-Cup themed silly song.

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