Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Book Review: New Home for Lily

A New Home for Lily by Mary Ann Kinsinger and Suzanne Woods Fisher. 2013. Revell. 272 pages.

I really LOVED the first novel in this series. I enjoyed this second novel as well. In this second book, Lily is having to adjust to her family's new home in Pennsylvania. This Amish community does things slightly differently, and so it's an adjustment for the whole family at times. (The mother has to make her family new clothes so they'll blend in with their new community.) The book continues to focus on the little details of Lily's life: going to school, learning new things, memorizing Scripture verses and poetry, school recitals and events, life on the farm, getting goats, making jello, etc. There are, of course, a few big events too: such as the birth of ANOTHER baby brother, etc. The focus is on family (grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, brothers, parents) and on faith. I have two favorite chapters. At one point Lily discovers she can make and sell her own stickers: draw pictures, apply glue, let it dry, etc. Her primary customer is her grandmother... My other favorite chapter is when Lily decides to help cook for a family gathering, and she decides to make jello.

The book is very enjoyable! I am really enjoying this series and can't wait to read more!      

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