Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Book Review: Romans 9-16

Thru the Bible Commentary Series: Romans 9-16. J. Vernon McGee. Thomas Nelson. 144 pages.

My February reading project was to read the book of Romans thirty times. I also wanted to read a few books about the book of Romans.

McGee goes through the last eight chapters of the book of Romans. "The first eight chapters of Romans emphasize faith. Chapters 9-11 emphasize hope. Chapters 12-16 emphasize love. There is another way to view Romans: The first section deals with salvation; the second section with segregation; and the last section with service." (12) 

While many people love the first eight chapters of Romans, especially the eighth chapter of Romans. Romans 9-11 isn't exactly as popular, as beloved, as precious. McGee writes, "There is a sense in which chapters 8 and 12 can be joined together as two boxcars. But Paul was not making up a freight train when he wrote Romans. Romans is not a freight train but a flowing stream. Chapters 9-11 can no more be removed than you can take out the middle section of the Mississippi River without causing havoc. Griffith Thomas writes, "The chapters 9-10-11 are an integral part of the epistle and are essential to its true interpretation." (12-3) While these chapters do present the doctrine of election, they also discuss God's relationship with the Jewish people--past, present, future. 

Chapters twelve through sixteen focus on the Christian life--on how the Christian is to live, on the little but important details of what it means to be a Christian living and serving God in the world. 

This commentary is very reader-friendly. It's a commentary meant to be read and understood by non-scholars.

Favorite quotes:
"Joy" is the fruit of the Holy Spirit in the lives of believers. Unfortunately, it is often absent from the lives of believers. There should be joy in our lives. This doesn't mean you have to run around smiling like a Cheshire cat, but it does mean you are to have a joyful feeling deep in your heart. (99)
In my opinion, the greatest sin in the church of Jesus Christ in this generation is ignorance of the Word of God. Many times I have heard a church officer say, "Well I don't know much about the Bible, but..." and then he gives his opinion, which often actually contradicts the Word of God! Why doesn't he know much about the Bible? These things were written aforetime for our learning. God wants you to know His Word. (106)
Ignorance of the Bible is the greatest sin of the hour--in and out of the church. (106)
The Word of God imparts patience, comfort, and hope. (106)
Every Christian should make an effort to know Romans. (112)

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