Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Music Review: No Plan B

Album: No Plan B
Artist: Carman
Year of Release: 2014 (May)

  1. No Plan B
  2. Time 2 P.T.L.
  3. I'm Coming Home
  4. God Made Man
  5. Peace of the Lord
  6. Jesus Heal Me
  7. It's All In His Hands
  8. Another Day
  9. Yes, Yes
  10. I Did My Best
  11. That's My King / Radically Saved
  12. The Flag

I grew up listening to Carman. I did. I have hundreds of happy Carman memories. So I was very, very excited to see that he had a new album that had just released. Overall, I would say that if you've enjoyed listening to even one Carman album in the past thirty years, you'll need to give this one a try.

I have several favorites from this new album.

My favorite song on the album may just be "Peace of the Lord." Dare I say I might just love it as much as "Lord, I Love You" from The Standard?! And if you know how much I love, love, love The Standard, you'll know that means something.
Like the force of the thunder or the roar of the beast
Fear is drawing me under, and it gives no release
But my worries are taken, by the word in my soul
And my faith is awakened with my God in control
The Peace of the Lord is keeping my soul
God’s word will forever hold my mind together
The Peace of the Lord is keeping my soul
God in control I’m at peace.
I absolutely love, love, LOVE, LOVE "It's All In His Hands." It's a fast tempo song with a great background choir. The song is super-catchy and just all kinds of fun!!!
It’s all in His hands, it’s all in His hands, it’s all in His hands, it’s all in His hands
I don’t worry about today
It’s all in His hands
He’ll work it out, I’ll be ok
It’s all in His hands. My heart is right, my mind is strong
It’s all in His hands
I trust in God, I can’t go wrong
It’s all in His hands
Everything gonna be alright, everything’s gonna be ok
Everything’s gonna be alright, everything’s gonna be ok
Hallelujah, Ha-Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Ha-Hallelujah, Hallelujah
It’s all in His hands
I knew within ten seconds that I was going to love "God Made Man." It immediately took me back, in a way, to "Spirit Filled Pizza" from Comin' On Strong. Though musically, I suppose, it reminds me of "My Story" as well.
So I ratted out the devil
Now I’m a witness in protection
With a whole new direction
I want to shout it
I got a new life and a new route
A new name and a new suit
So did he offer me a good deal?
Ay, Forgettaboutit!
Other honorable mentions would include "Another Day," "Yes, Yes," and "Time To P.T.L." I love these three songs very much! "Yes, Yes" is especially fun, there are little things hidden in the lyrics to make Carman fans smile!
Sunday’s really on the way, like I said back in the day
And it's always in His heart to please us
No way I'm not ashamed, I love to say His name
I'll always be addicted to Jesus
I'm not timid like a mouse, I know who's in the house
I say it as I rock the microphone
The God, in whom I trust, makes Satan bite the dust
He’s still the one and only Champion
I have a feeling that the album will grow on me more and more as I listen to it. And there are just enough songs on the album that I already love to make me want to listen to the whole album again and again.

From "Another Day"
Listen now to my request and
Send a word so I can rest and
Get direction to my question, and feel ok
But I know not now don’t mean never
So I’ll just do what I must do and trust You forever
An answer soon will come my way, but it may come another day
The wind will blow the clouds away, but it may blow another day
God’s promises are always true, a rainbow somewhere waits there too
But until then, You’ll see me through another day

© Becky Laney of Operation Actually Read Bible

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