Monday, June 16, 2014

Book Review: God's Amazing World!

God's Amazing World! Eileen Spinelli. 2014. Ideals. 32 pages. [Source: Library]

Gracie was painting a picture when her little cousin Bo came to visit. 
"What are you painting?" asked Bo.
"I'm painting the story of how God made the world," she said. 
"Story?" said Bo. "I love stories. Can you tell me that story?"

I definitely enjoyed meeting Bo and Gracie, two cousins that love the Lord. In God's Amazing World, Gracie is telling her younger cousin the story of creation. She is sharing with him what God created day by day. It's a creative, interactive retelling.
Gracie led Bo to the back garden. The sprinkler was on.
"Let's take off our shoes and socks," said Gracie.
They took off their shoes and socks. They stomped in the mud. They splashed in the sprinkler.
"Can you guess what God made on the third day?" asked Gracie.
Bo scratched his head. "Mud and water?"
"Close," said Gracie, giggling. "On the third day, God made the land. And the seas."
The ending was slightly predictable. God rested on the seventh day. Bo and Gracie end up "resting" as well by the end. But overall, I liked this one very much. I wish I got the chance to review more picture books with a Christian perspective.

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