Sunday, September 20, 2015

Upcoming Plans

  • To continue to read Galatians, by the end of the month, I hope to have read it 30 times!
  • To begin reading the New Testament in the Message. I've received a review copy of The Message 100.  Since I can't possibly read the whole Bible in one month, I'm choosing to read the Bible starting with Matthew. That should give me a good idea of what the Bible has to offer readers. (I might also skim through some of the Old Testament). 
  • My goal for the next three months--October, November, December--is to read the whole Bible in the NIV translation. I'm not exactly sure if I'll be focusing in on just one copy of the NIV Bible. Or if I'll be reading from several different Bibles. A post should be coming soon for my first impressions of the NIV Zondervan Study Bible, which was newly released in August. It has a LOT of notes. So I know I can't read the whole Bible--notes too--in just three months. So I may also be supplementing with a text-only Bible. I plan to do a "first impressions" post and then a review a month or so later. 
  • I'm contemplating hosting a "Fall Bingo" challenge, even if it's just me. But I haven't created my bingo card yet. And fall starts this Wednesday! So let me know if you perhaps would be interested in joining in yourself. (Comments are set to be moderated. So don't worry if your comment doesn't appear right away. And that's assuming anyone else wants to join in!) 

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