Monday, September 28, 2015

Book Review: Meet Me At The Manger...

Meet Me At The Manger…And I'll Lead You to the Cross. Leighann McCoy. 2010. 341 pages. [Source: Bought]

I love the premise behind Leighann McCoy's devotional book. The book contains 100 devotions designed to be read starting in Advent and going through Lent*. The devotions are very Christ-centered, for the most part, reminding readers that the baby born in Bethlehem was born to die to secure their salvation. The devotions perhaps seek to capture the WONDER of it all: the good news from start to finish. It isn't enough to routinely sing "Joy to the World" and "Silent Night." One needs to engage her heart and mind to worship the King of Kings. (The book was written for women.)

The book is divided into three sections: Meet Me at the Manger, Unwrap the Gift of His Presence, and I'll Lead You To The Cross. Most devotions are two pages in length, with an additional page of questions, and also a prayer. The first section has forty-two devotions. These do focus a lot on Christmas. The second section has thirty-three devotions. These focus generally on faith and the Christian life. She's selected a handful of gospel passages to focus on in depth. The third section has twenty-five devotions. I'd say these definitely focus more on the events of passion week and Easter.

*I'd say if you started at the beginning of Advent, you'd have plenty of "grace days" in case you don't get the chance to read a devotion every single day. Otherwise, you could start around the middle of December, and still make it. Of course, Easter is sometimes in March and sometimes in April. My calculations are for 2015-2016.

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