Friday, September 11, 2015

Book Review: Mistress of Tall Acre

Mistress of Tall Acre. Laura Frantz. 2015. Revell. 400 pages. [Source: Review copy]

I loved, loved, loved The Mistress of Tall Acre by Laura Frantz. Loving it was not a surprise, though I admit that I didn't expect to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. Dare I say that The Mistress of Tall Acre may just be my FAVORITE Frantz novel?

Sophie Menzies is the heroine of The Mistress of Tall Acres. The American Revolution has disrupted her life, torn apart her family. Her father left the country during the early years of the war, I believe, and her brother is rumored to have turned traitor as well, perhaps around the time of Benedict Arnold. Not that Sophie Menzies is fully aware of this rumor. But the folks in and around the village/town where she lives, certainly believes that the family is/was on the wrong side of the war and want absolutely nothing to do with her. (A few actively want her GONE from the community). Her property is in danger of being confiscated.

The war has also proved costly to General Seamus Ogilvy. His wife was a stranger to him, as was his only child, a daughter. (He enlisted very soon after they married. They really had no time together to build a relationship, a home, a family.) He returns home at the end of war to reclaim his daughter from his wife's relatives. (His wife died during the war.) It isn't easy to have an instant relationship with a daughter you've only seen once or twice. He hates that his daughter is a bit scared of him. But he isn't proving to be a natural with will take time and effort...

But Sophie has a way with children, particularly General Ogilvy's daughter. He sees the two together, and, he knows that she can help him out tremendously. And he may just be able to help her out as well...

The idea of marrying for convenience did not come suddenly within the novel. I almost expected it to, in a way. But I am glad now it didn't.

I really loved, loved, loved both Sophie and Seamus. I really did. I thought they were GREAT together.

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