Tuesday, February 2, 2016

My Year with Spurgeon #4

God, The All-Seeing One
Charles Spurgeon
Proverbs 15:11
In nine cases out of ten, and perhaps in a far larger and sadder proportion the doctrine of Divine Omniscience, although it is received and believed, has no practical effect upon our lives at all.
The mass of mankind forget God: whole nations who know his existence and believe that he beholds them, live as if they had no God at all. Merchants, farmers, men in their shops, and in their fields, husbands in their families, and wives in the midst of their households, live as if there were no God; no eye inspecting them, no ear listening to the voice of their lips, and no eternal mind always treasuring up the recollection of their acts.
Ah! we are practical Atheists, the mass of us.
For if there were no God, and no hereafter, multitudes of men would never be affected by the change; they would live the same as they do now — their lives being so full of disregard of God and his ways, that the absence of a God could not affect them in any great degree.
I would endeavor to set before you, God the all-seeing one, and press upon your solemn consideration the tremendous fact, that in all our acts, in all our ways, and in all our thoughts, we are continually under his observing eye.
If you mean to go to hell, say so. “If God be God, serve him. If Baal be God, serve him.” Do not serve Baal and then pretend to be serving God.

© Becky Laney of Operation Actually Read Bible

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