Friday, January 13, 2017

Journaling Genesis #5

What can I learn about God by reading Genesis 8?

  • God remembers. No matter how we feel, we can trust that God remembers us.
  • God cares. He didn't just care about Noah and his family. He cared about the animals as well.
  • God is sovereign. The waters came and went at God's Word. Everything we've read so far--from creation to the flood--points to God being sovereign over his creation.
  • God makes covenants. We are not his equals. We're not worthy of receiving his covenant blessings perhaps, but we have a God who makes covenants. This is the first covenant, I believe, mentioned in Scripture. And it is a promise to never send another world-wide flood.

Other notable observations:

  • Noah and his family stayed on the ark for over a year. (Genesis 7:11; 8:13-14) Families tend to drive each other crazy if they're snowbound for two or three days! What did they do--besides spending time taking care of all the animals?!
  • Noah's first thing to do was to build an altar and worship God. God delivered Noah from the judgment--from the flood--and Noah delivered up to God praise and worship and gratitude.

What can I learn from reading Genesis 9?

  • God blesses. He blessed Noah and his family. 
  • God values life. Man is to be held accountable for taking another's life. Man is not to get away with murder. God will require justice.
  • God institutes and delegates. He gave man authority over the earth--over animals and plants.
  • God makes covenants and remembers promises.
  • God gave the rainbow as a sign to us that he remembers.
  • Noah was the first to plant a vineyard; first, perhaps to experience the ill effects of getting drunk. (First mentioned in the Bible, I believe)
  • Noah's sons react differently towards their father. Some treat him with respect, one does not. Noah gets angry and curses one of his grandchildren.
  • Canaan is the land about to be conquered by the Israelites at the time of the exodus and the wilderness wanderings. Did Moses include this just for them?
  • Noah lived 350 years after the flood. What an eventful life he led--full of ups and downs--but God most likely was his constant.

© Becky Laney of Operation Actually Read Bible

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