Sunday, January 15, 2017

Journaling Genesis #6

What can I learn from reading Genesis 10 and 11?

  • God was continuing his promise to bless; Noah's family--all eight of them--were blessed with children, generations of children. Never take family for granted. Family is a gift from God, an institution like marriage, that is for our good. (It is not good for man to be alone.) Yet some people lack--some are lonely and have no family to which to belong. God promises comfort here as well. 
  • There was a time when we were all one culture and spoke one language. At very least all spoke one language. I don't think this prevented misunderstandings and arguments though!
  • The people wanted glory for themselves. The flood has not "diminished" pride.
  • The people may have wanted to be 'equal' with God. Not clear exactly what their motivation was for building the tower. Could have been several things. We do know they wanted 'to make a name' for themselves. They wanted attention? approval? a place to worship?
  • This project was ignoring the very will of God--to spread out over the earth and multiply. So rebellion against God might be one motivation. Since the fall, we're very, very, very good at ignoring the will of God.
  • God's will prevailed. God's will always prevails.
  • Focus shifts to one line of the family. Enter Abram.

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