Sunday, January 22, 2017

Journaling Genesis #9

What can I learn from reading Genesis 17?

  • Thirteen years have passed since Genesis 16. A LOT of waiting.
  • In chapter 15, Abram had a vision. In chapter 17, the LORD appeared to him. I AM GOD ALMIGHTY. LIVE IN MY PRESENCE AND BE DEVOUT. I will establish my covenant…I will multiply you greatly. 
  • Abram's response: fell on his face, fell to the ground! And God spoke with him. This is even more awe-inspiring than a vision. This is incredible and leaves him speechless.
  • Father of many nations, extremely fruitful, make nations and kings come from you. Abram gets a new name: Abraham.
  • Covenant not just for Abraham, but for his offspring. An everlasting covenant. To be the God of your offspring; the land of Canaan to be an eternal possession. I will be their God.
  • Circumcision a sign of the covenant. They are to keep the covenant with God, a way to show whose they are--they are God's people.
  • God renames Sarai to Sarah. Some "I will" for Sarah. I will bless her. I will give you a son by her. She will produce nations; kings of people will come from her.
  • Abraham fell to the ground (again?!), laughed, questioned silently can this really be happening to me?!
  • Abraham pleads for Ishmael. If only he could live in your presence. I think Abraham wanted everyone--especially in his own household, in his own family--to worship, love, and serve God. I think he wanted this for Lot and I think he wanted this for Ishmael.
  • God tells him what to name their baby--the chosen seed of Abraham and Sarah. His name will be Isaac. God names. God calls. I will confirm my covenant with Isaac, not Ishmael.
  • God hears. God responds. Ishmael will not be heir of promise. But God will bless him. I will make him fruitful and multiply him greatly. He will father 12 tribal leaders. I will make him into a great nation. So not an everlasting blessing, but far from a curse.
  • For the first time God gives Abraham an answer: Sarah will bear a child at this time next year. Abraham will have a lot to tell his wife!!!!
  • Abraham's response: immediate obedience to God. All males in his household circumcised that day. 

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