Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Book Review: The Newcomer

The Newcomer. Suzanne Woods Fisher. 2017. Revell. 336 pages. [Source: Review copy]

First sentence: Bairn was suffocating. Not literally, mayhap, but as close as a man could get. Hardly a week had passed since he had been joyfully reunited with his father, and then, with each passing day, joy slipped away, and in its place swept anxiety, disappointment, frustration, even panic.

This one is the sequel to Anna's Crossing and is part of Fisher's Amish Beginnings series. The three main characters are Bairn, Anna, and Dorothea. Each will be tested mightily throughout the novel.

Bairn is torn between his old life and the new. Should he remain a sailor or settle down with his family and farm. He does love Anna very much, but feels a stranger to the others. He cannot pretend those years apart didn't happen. Felix, his younger brother, is a dear. The time they spend together getting to know one another is one of my favorite things about this one.

Anna doesn't like waiting for Bairn to make up his mind. She wants to be with him and doesn't fully understand why he needs just one more trip before settling down for good. Why does the sea call so loudly to him? When their group faces unforeseen separation, every plan seems to stall and crumble. If only Bairn were there to lead them. But Henrik, the newcomer, seems to be a strong, persuasive leader, just what the group needs at the moment.

Dorothea has always followed her husband Jacob in every little thing. Her husband has never really opened up any opportunities for her to think deeply and at length about anything. He speaks for the family and for the community. But now that he's sick, dying even, she is on her own with an infant. But is she alone?! God has a lot to teach her in this 'wilderness' experience.

I loved this one. I loved the time period, 1730's in Pennsylvania. I loved the characters. I loved how everything unfolded and came together. I'm not usually a fan of multiple narrators, but the narration was just right!

Even if you don't seek out Amish books, I would recommend this author. She is wonderful.

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