Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My Year with Owen #7

I will be sharing some John Owen quotes this year. The first book I'll be reading is Of the Mortification of Sin in Believers (1656).
Now, the first thing in mortification is the weakening of this habit of sin or lust, that it shall not, with that violence, earnestness, frequency, rise up, conceive, tumultuate, provoke, entice, disquiet, as naturally it is apt to do (James 1:14-15). ~ John Owen
When a suitable temptation falls in with a lust, it gives it a new life, vigor, power, violence, and rage, which it seemed not before to have or to be capable of. ~ John Owen
Mortification consists in constant fighting and contending against sin. ~ John Owen
The contest is vigorous and hazardous--it is about the things of eternity. ~ John Owen
To labor to be acquainted with the ways, the wiles, methods, advantages, and occasions of its success is the beginning of this warfare. ~ John Owen
Frequent success against any lust is another part and evidence of mortification. By success I understand not a mere disappointment of sin, that it be not brought forth nor accomplished, but a victory over it and pursuit of it to a complete conquest. ~ John Owen

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