Monday, January 22, 2018

True or False With the Victorians #1 (J.C. Ryle)

TRUE OR FALSE The moment we depart from "God's written Word," in considering eternity and the future state of man, we are likely to fall into error.

TRUE OR FALSE The noblest thoughts about God which we have a right to hold are the thoughts which He has been pleased to reveal to us in His "written Word."

TRUE OR FALSE We are all going towards a world where everything is eternal. Whatever there is beyond the tomb, when the last trumpet has sounded, and the dead are raised, will be endless, everlasting, and eternal.

TRUE OR FALSE The future happiness of those who are saved is eternal.

TRUE OR FALSE The future misery of those who are finally lost is eternal.

TRUE OR FALSE If the joy of the believer is forever, the sorrow of the unbeliever is also forever. If Heaven is eternal, so likewise is hell.

TRUE OR FALSE If a man may escape eternal punishment at last, without faith in the blood of Christ or sanctification of the Spirit, sin is no longer an infinite evil, and there was no need for Christ making an atonement.

TRUE OR FALSE Every blow struck at the eternity of punishment is an equally heavy blow at the eternity of reward. Every attack on the duration of hell is also an attack on the duration of heaven.

TRUE OR FALSE Unrepented sin is an eternal evil, and can never cease to be sin; and He with whom we have to do is an eternal God.

TRUE OR FALSE  We are constantly sowing seeds which will spring up and bear fruit, every day and hour in our lives. There are eternal consequences resulting from all our thoughts and words and actions, of which we take far too little account.

TRUE OR FALSE Heaven is a prepared place. Those who shall dwell there are all of one character. The entrance into it is only by one door.

TRUE OR FALSE There is such a place as heaven. No truth is more certain in the whole of Scripture than this--there remains a rest for the people of God. This earth is not our rest--it cannot be--there breathes not a man or woman who ever found it so.

TRUE OR FALSE Repentance, faith, and holiness; this is a character against which the gates shall never be closed.

TRUE OR FALSE God is the light, the food, the air of heaven. It is an eternal sabbath. To serve God is heaven's employment; to talk with God is heaven's occupation.

© Becky Laney of Operation Actually Read Bible

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