Monday, January 8, 2018

True or False with the Puritans #1

True or False with Matthew Henry

TRUE OR FALSE. Our duty as Christians is always to keep heaven in our sight and the earth under our feet.

TRUE OR FALSE. God is not only the author of everything living, but the fountain of life and spring of every change. Dead matter would remain dead if he did not bring it alive. And this makes us believe that it is possible for God to raise the dead.

TRUE OR FALSE. What God requires of us he himself works in us, or it is not done. He that commands faith, holiness, and love creates them in us by the power of his grace alongside his word.

TRUE OR FALSE.  The One who made the soul is alone able to make it new.

TRUE OR FALSE. It adds much to the comfort of any situation if we have clearly seen God going before us and putting us into it.

TRUE OR FALSE.  None of us was sent into the world to be lazy. The One who made these souls and bodies has given us something to work with; the One who made us living wants us to labor, to serve him and our society, and to work out our salvation. It is the will of God that each one of us should have something to do in this world.

TRUE OR FALSE. Those that would not eat the forbidden fruit must not go near the forbidden tree.

TRUE OR FALSE. Satan teaches people first to doubt and then to deny; he makes them skeptics first, and so gradually makes them atheists.

TRUE OR FALSE. Our first parents, who knew so much, did not know this—that they knew enough.

TRUE OR FALSE. Satan may tempt, but he cannot force; he may persuade us to throw ourselves down, but he cannot throw us down (Mt 4:6).

TRUE OR FALSE. The way of sin is downhill; we cannot stop ourselves when we want to.

TRUE OR FALSE. Although God knows all our sins, yet he wants to know them from us, and requires from us a simple confession of them; not so that he may be informed, but that we may be humbled.

TRUE OR FALSE. Sin deceives us, and, by deceiving, cheats us. It is by the deceitfulness of sin that the heart is hardened.

TRUE OR FALSE. No sooner was the wound given than the remedy was provided and revealed.

TRUE OR FALSE. Sin brought sorrow into the world; if we had known no guilt, we would have known no grief.

TRUE OR FALSE. Our aim in all acts of religion is God’s acceptance: we do well if we reach this, and we worship in vain if we miss it (2Co 5:9).

TRUE OR FALSE. So close are sin and punishment that the same word in Hebrew signifies both. If sin is harbored in the house, the curse waits at the door, like a bailiff ready to arrest sinners whenever they look out.

TRUE OR FALSE. Adam’s eating the forbidden fruit seemed just a little sin, but it opened the door to the greatest.

TRUE OR FALSE. Those that reject God cannot find rest anywhere else.

I have found reading Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Whole Bible to be profitable. These quotes are from his commentary covering Genesis 1-4. I find each quote that I've selected is worth pondering and meditating on.

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