Monday, January 15, 2018

True or False with the Puritans #2 (Matthew Henry)

True or False with Matthew Henry

TRUE OR FALSE. The human race is not its own maker, therefore we must not be our own master; but the Author of our being must be the director of our activities and the center of them.

TRUE OR FALSE. That there was a day on which God created the first man. He was not from eternity, but of yesterday.

TRUE OR FALSE. That God made people in his own likeness, righteous and holy, and therefore, undoubtedly, happy.

TRUE OR FALSE. To walk with God is to set God always before us, and to act as those that are always under his eye. It is to live a life of fellowship with God both in worship of him and wisdom in our dealings with others. It is to make God’s word our rule and his glory our aim in all our actions. It is to obey his will, to agree with his intentions, and to be workers together with him.

TRUE OR FALSE. The bad will sooner lead astray the good than the good reform the bad.

TRUE OR FALSE. All the sins of sinners are known to God the Judge.

TRUE OR FALSE.  God was grieved that he had made human beings; but we never find him grieving that he redeemed human beings.

TRUE OR FALSE. We mock God in saying that we are sorry for our sin, and that it grieves us to the heart, if we then continue to indulge in it.

TRUE OR FALSE.  None are destroyed by the justice of God except those who hate to be reformed by the grace of God.

TRUE OR FALSE. If you take away conscience and the fear of God, human beings become animals and devils to one another. Sin fills the earth with violence, and so turns the world into a wilderness, into a battlefield.

TRUE OR FALSE. We must prepare to meet the Lord in his judgments on earth, especially prepare to meet him at death and in the judgment of the great day, build on Christ the Rock (Mt 7:24), and go into Christ the ark.

TRUE OR FALSE. The longer we live in this world, the more we see of its miseries and calamities.

TRUE OR FALSE. It is our great duty in obedience to the Gospel call to come by a living faith in Christ into that way of salvation which God has provided for poor sinners. When Noah came into the ark, he left his own house and land. In the same way, we must leave our own righteousness and our worldly possessions, whenever they compete with Christ.

TRUE OR FALSE. Those who come into the ark themselves should bring as many as they can in with them, by good teaching, by persuasion, and by a good example. There is room enough in Christ for all who come.

TRUE OR FALSE. The waters which broke down everything else supported the ark. The more the waters rose, so the higher the ark was lifted up toward heaven. We can learn from this that sanctified afflictions lift us spiritually.

TRUE OR FALSE. God’s time of showing his mercy is certainly the best time. This will be when the mercy is ripe for us and we are ready for it.

TRUE OR FALSE. Serving God with the little we have is the way to make it more; and we must never think that what God is honored with is wasted.

TRUE OR FALSE. God sets the whole earth before all human beings, tells them it is all their own, while it remains, to them and their heirs. Though it is not a paradise, but instead a wilderness, it is still better than we deserve. Blessed be God that it is not hell.

TRUE OR FALSE. That God is a good Master, and provides, not only that we may live, but that we may live comfortably, in his service; not only for our necessity, but also for our delight.

TRUE OR FALSE. Our lives are not so much our own that we may leave them at our own pleasure, but they are God’s.

TRUE OR FALSE. The thicker the cloud, the brighter the rainbow in the clouds. In the same way, just as sufferings come to us in abundance, God showers his encouragement and comfort upon us all the more (2Co 1:5)

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