Friday, June 8, 2018

Turning TEN!

Ten years ago, I started Operation Actually Read Bible. My first post was called THE MISSION.
My goal--obvious as it may be--is to actually read the Bible. You might think that I've not read it. But that wouldn't be the case. I've read it a dozen or so times over the past twenty years. However, I've not been in the habit of reading it lately. For the past three or four years, my reading of the Bible has been pitiful to nil. I know--rationally speaking--that I NEED to read the Bible...that I NEED to study and read and pray. But it's not a part of my daily routine. Hence why I'm challenging myself to ACTUALLY read the Bible instead of just talking about how I need to start one day soon.
(Oddly enough, my last post was a book review of a book about reading the Bible.)

Is my mission still the same ten years later? Yes. No. Yes.

By the grace of God the Bible has become a significant, deeply rooted part of my day-to-day life. I would no more think of skipping the Bible than I would of skipping a meal. Those that know me know that I don't fast from food voluntarily.

My priorities are by no stretch of the imagination perfect--far from it. There are still sins to wrestle, temptations to fight, thoughts to conquer. But the Bible is my very food and drink--the very fuel I need to delight in God.

If I were to rewrite my mission today, I might say more about absorbing or meditating on the Word of God. I could definitely grow in how to read the Bible prayerfully, meditatively. I would love to learn how to journal, for example. I am really great at reading the Bible at a quick pace--like I would any book I read. I'm not so great at reading it slowly and really digesting it verse by verse. (I think there are benefits to FAST and benefits to SLOW.)

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