Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Book Review: With an Everlasting Love

With an Everlasting Love. Kay Arthur. 1995. Harvest House. 144 pages. [Source: Borrowed]

First sentence: "Any Jew who has not a wife is no man." It was written in the Talmud. That settled it. The time had come for his son Joshua to take a wife. There could be no more delay. Shaddai paced the floor saying these things aloud to himself, as he awaited Joshua's return.

Premise/plot: Shaddai and Joshua have agreed upon a bride, a young woman named Christianna. Half-Jew, half-Gentile, Christianna never expected such a match. To be honest, she never expected a match at all. Shunned by both Jews and Gentiles alike, Christianna had no expectations of being any man's wife. Joshua. Well, Joshua's goodness--his righteousness--is almost legendary. The idea that ANY woman at all was worthy being his wife was ridiculous. There couldn't be a more unlikely choice than Christianna. But his choice is a forever-and-ever choice. He just has to woo her and wait.

My thoughts: I really enjoyed this allegory. I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. As a story, a romance, it works. As a theology textbook perhaps not so much. I think the book does a good job in showing Christ's unconditional love for the church, and also in showing how the church faces temptation at the hands of the world, or in this case, Kosmos.

I would recommend this one.

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