Monday, November 18, 2019

Bible Review: CSB Reader's Bible

CSB Reader's Bible. 2019. Holman. 1824 pages. [Source: Bought]

First sentence: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

I began reading the CSB Reader's Bible in October. Despite finding a 2019 publication date for this one on GoodReads, I *know* that I bought it for myself as a birthday present in November 2018. But who am I to argue with GoodReads? Does it matter? Not really. (On a complete side note, why do they have to MERGE all editions of a Bible based on translation. It makes it super tricky to find the RIGHT one to review...if you're the kind of person who keeps up with page numbers. As a book reviewer, I'm not just "reviewing" a translation, but a specific bible with specific features and specific layout.)

The Reader's Bible does NOT feature chapters or verses--just text. The chapter numbers can be found on the bottom of each page. It's relatively easy to find out which chapter(s) you've just read.

I love the format of this bible and other reader's Bibles. I do. I like approaching the book as a whole instead of broken up into chapters and verses. When possible, I did try to read whole books within a day or two or three. (For example, books like Genesis were read over two or three days. Mark was read in one day.)

Was there bleed-through? Were the pages too thin? While I would LOVE to see an edition with even thicker pages published, I didn't have a huge issue with this one. What I did have a little issue with is the SHININESS of the paper. I would love to not have GLARE while I read the bible. A cream colored paper would be perfectly ideal and lovely. Or a white without SHINY, SHIMMERY glare. I don't want glow-in-the-dark paper. (I'm reminded of the Friends' episode where Ross whitens his teeth. There is such a thing as TOO white.)

The size of the font was solidly good. I believe if GoodReads is trustworthy that it is 10 point font. That is definitely better than average these days. (A little on the small size if you remember the GOOD OLD DAYS). Ideally, my perfect size font would be around ten to twelve.

As for the CSB translation, I like it. I definitely like it. This was my second time reading the CSB. I first read it in the CSB Spurgeon Study Bible.

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