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Book Review: The Oregon Trail Romance Collection

The Oregon Trail Romance Collection: 9 Stories of Life on the Trail Into the Western Frontier. Featuring Stories by Amanda Cabot, Melanie Dobson, Pam Hillman, Myra Johnson, Amy Lillard, DiAnn Mills, Anna Schmidt, Ann Shorey and Jennifer Uhlarik.  2015/2019. Barbour Books.  448 pages. [Source: Review copy]

I love pioneer stories. I do. It's "my one weakness" you might say. (Of course, I have many "one" weaknesses.) I also enjoy a good romance every now and then. This collection recently republished by Barbour was just the treat I needed. So I requested to review it.

The Sagebrush Bride by Amanda Cabot. This was a GREAT choice for an opening story. I was swept up, up and away by this swoon-worthy romance.

Beckoned Hearts by Melanie Dobson. I enjoyed this one. I did. It was a good, solid read, a nice edition to the collection.

Shanghaied by the Bride by Pam Hillman. This is not your traditional romance--for better or worse. Unless by traditional you mean predictable that the hero and heroine would ultimately fall in love. I didn't care for it much. But it wasn't awful.

Settled Hearts by Myra Johnson. If I had to pick one word to describe this one it would be SILLY. Yet I can't help recalling that it was also satisfying. I found it silly because of the way the heroine/hero treat traveling east and west--the year is 1852--as if it's no big deal, not a hardship or challenge to be found!!! Her mother is DYING and so she decides to go west to try to track down her father so they can return together to be with the dying woman--wife/mother. Anyway, the focus is NEVER on the trail or the trip. Just on all the feels. Now I admit that the feels were there for this couple. I definitely liked the characters--just found the plot/story ridiculous.

As Good As Gold by Amy Lillard. Is it horrible that I can't remember one thing about this one?! Maybe this was the story that I stopped in the middle of and took a break of several weeks?! The summary provided in the book doesn't help me recall anything either!

Daughter of the Wind by Diann Mills. One word to describe this one: INTENSE. WOW. I found this story hard to put down--not because I found myself swooning at the hero or feeling like a girl again but because I had to know what happened next. This is incredible story.

His Frontier Family by Anna Schmidt. Oh this story, this one I remember too! I definitely found it charming. Not focused on the trail west--far from it--but a great romance with a good, solid hero and heroine.

State of Matrimony by Ann Shorey. Just when I think I couldn't possibly find another "favorite" in the collection...I really enjoyed this one. The heroine hires herself out as a COOK so she can go west...and there's a love triangle of sorts. This is a book I thoroughly enjoyed now, but would have LOVED, LOVED, LOVED as an eleven year old.

Sioux Summer by Jennifer Uhlarik. At first I didn't much like this one. But then I read in the author's note about the events it was based upon (...the Indian attack/hostilities). The more I thought about it, the more I liked it.

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