Sunday, December 1, 2019

Book Review: Christmas Pageant for Jesus

Christmas Pageant for Jesus. Susan Jones. Illustrated by Lee Holland. 2019. 32 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence: As the bright sun rises, Little Chipmunk pops his head out of his tree. It’s a special day!

I have not read Susan Jones’ other picture books. I know that there are two previous picture books about Christmas starring these same characters. A Birthday Party for Jesus and Everyone is Invited to Christmas. There is also an Easter-themed book titled An Easter Egg Hunt for Jesus. I couldn’t begin to explain why these religious books star animals instead of humans. I can only say that a large majority of picture books in general do so. Animals go to school, go to the doctor, have sleepovers, lose teeth, celebrate birthdays, go on vacation, etc. so perhaps it isn’t that much of a stretch that they need to hear the gospel and be reassured of God’s love, God’s grace. You can overthink things as an adult reader. I know I do.

So. It’s the day of the pageant and Little Chipmunk forgets to bring the baby Jesus doll for the pageant. How could he forget? Everyone will hate him! The pageant is absolutely ruined! This is the worst thing ever. Can Little Chipmunk realize a few spiritual truths to calm him down? Truths like Jesus is always, always present with them. And God is a gracious God who loves us even when we make mistakes.

I liked this one well enough. 

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