Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Book Review: One Perfect Life

One Perfect Life. John MacArthur. 2013. Thomas Nelson. 520 pages.

I first reviewed One Perfect Life (New King James Version) in February. I was EXCITED. I rushed through the book in a weekend. It was an experience: majestic, powerful, a bit overwhelming but in a good way, in a I want to read more, know more NOW way. But at the time, I also knew that I would begin rereading it slowly and thoughtfully, bit by bit. I knew I needed to absorb and explore more. I needed to go beyond getting swept up in the passionate story of an indescribable love. 

I started rereading One Perfect Life the very next day. It has taken me over a month to reread this one. This time I went slower, I read the notes for each entry. I deliberately slowed the pace and focused more. 

  • Part 1: "Anticipating the Lord Jesus Christ"
  • Part 2: "The Beginning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ"
  • Part 3: "The Beginning of Jesus' Ministry"
  • Part 4: "From Passover AD 27 to Passover AD 28"
  • Part 5: "From Passover AD 28 to Passover AD 29"
  • Part 6: "From Passover AD to Passover AD 30"
  • Part 7: "The Final Journey to Jerusalem for Passover AD 30"
  • Part 8: "The Passion Week of the Messiah AD 30"
  • Part 9: "The Upper Room on the Night Before His Death"
  • Part 10: "The Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Ascension"
  • Part 11: "New Testament Reflections on the Gospel of Jesus Christ"
Instead of sharing quotes this time, I thought I would make a few suggestions on how you might choose to use the book.

For example, you might use it as a devotional or bible study Advent through Easter. For Advent, focusing on parts one and two (the first 66 pages). Continuing in January on through Ash Wednesday, the focus could be on parts three through seven (bringing the reader up to page 347). For Lent, the focus could be on parts eight through eleven (bringing you to page 516). Though the readings wouldn't necessarily be even in length throughout the months, the passages themselves would be timely. 

To read the entire book in forty days, you'd need to read five to six entries a day. (Some days this would be manageable. Other days it would prove challenging.) 

To read the entire book in ninety days, you'd need to read two to three entries a day. (This would definitely be more manageable!)

To read the entire book in nine months (a typical school year), you'd need to read twenty-four entries a month. 

To read the entire book in a year, you'd need to read to read four entries PER WEEK. That gives you four reading days--if you read one entry per day--and three days of grace. 

One Perfect Life would be great for individual use, of course. But it would also be great for use in group. It could be used for family devotions, reading daily entries aloud for the whole family to reflect and discuss. It could be used in small groups or Sunday school classes as well. 

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Great Blog! I'm sorry I never realized you also had this blog, and as a fellow Christian and YA enthusiast, I am inspired to do something similar! I have my regular blog for YA, but sometimes I feel trapped by it and never considered I could actually have another blog that went beyond YA to other things that define who I am.