Thursday, March 14, 2013

!Hero (Ten Years Later)

I recently watched !Hero, The Rock Opera. It had been a few years--at least--since I'd seen it. And it was perfect timing! This rock opera has a simple premise. What if Jesus, the promised Messiah, was not born in Bethlehem two-thousand years ago? What if the world had had to wait another two thousand years? What if Jesus' advent was here and now. What if his ministry took place on the streets of New York City? Instead of experiencing oppression at the hands of Roman soldiers, what if the world was ruled by ICON? This is a modern retelling of the gospel, of the life and work of Jesus. It loosely follows the gospel of John: water into wine, Nicodemus' visit, woman at the well, healing of the crippled man, feeding of the five thousand, etc. But there are other events taken from other gospels. Besides its modern setting, viewers should know it is a live concert starring Michael Tait (Jesus), Mark Stuart (Petrov), Rebecca St. James (Maggie), Nirva Dorsaint (Mother Mary), Michael Quinlan (Jude), Paul Wright (Agent Hunter).

The songs of !Hero

  • This Is How It Happened
  • A Few Good Men
  • Wedding Celebration
  • Fire of Love
  • Lose My Life With You
  • Man on a Mission
  • Secrets of the Heart
  • Stand Up and Walk
  • Do What You Gotta Do
  • Take My Hand
  • Love's Declaration
  • Raised in Harlem
  • They're Callin' Him Hero
  • Manna From Heaven
  • Hero
  • Leave Here
  • Stand by You
  • Say the Word
  • Intentions
  • Finally Home
  • Not In Our House
  • Murder On Their Minds
  • Party in the House Today
  • In Remembrance of Me
  • Shadowman
  • Hero's Agony
  • I Am
  • Kill the Hero
  • Execute
  • He's Not Here
  • The Truth Comes Out 

My favorite songs are He's Not Here, I Am, Manna From Heaven, Raised In Harlem, and Not In Our House. I also enjoy Finally Home and Love's Declaration.

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