Monday, March 4, 2013

Book Review: Moonlight Masquerade

Moonlight Masquerade. Ruth Axtell. 2013. Revell. 352 pages.

I enjoyed reading Ruth Axtell's historical romance novel, Moonlight Masquerade. The novel is set in Regency England. Rees "MacKinnon" is Lady Wexham's temporary butler, her regular butler being an elderly gentleman who broke a leg while visiting relatives in the country. 

There are plenty of reasons that the book's couple should not be together: he's a British agent sent to spy on a widowed Lady suspected of being a spy for the French; she's actually a French spy risking her life passing along information that she hopes keep Napoleon in power and the exiled royals out. He knows she's a spy. She knows that he's watching her, suspects that he's spying on her even. But. The attraction is so very strong for both... 

The novel is told from both of their perspectives. It has drama, adventure, and, of course, romance.

While Moonlight Masquerade is published as Christian romance, it is not as mild as some in the genre. There is in fact a moonlight masquerade scene where the hero and heroine meet masqueraded and share a passionate first kiss. 

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