Saturday, March 16, 2013

Quoting Andrew Murray #3

This is my third post featuring quotes from Andrew Murray. (The first post; the second post).
If in worship we are primarily occupied with our own thoughts and exercises, we will not meet Him who is spirit. ~ Andrew Murray, Teach Me To Pray
When we wait on God, we must be sure we are in His way; outside of it we cannot expect to find Him. “You meet him who rejoices and does righteousness, who remembers You in Your ways” (Isaiah 64:5 NKJV). ~ Andrew Murray, Waiting on God
However weak you feel, only be willing, and He who has worked to will, will work to do by His power. Come and learn that He is the God who is good and who alone can work any good thing. Be content to receive from God each moment of the day His grace to wait, to believe, and to see Him work all that is good in your life. ~ Andrew Murray, Waiting on God
The do it now of the present moment—although it seems such a little thing—is nothing less than the beginning of the ever-present now, which is the mystery and the glory of eternity. ~ Andrew Murray, Abiding in Christ
FAITH IN THE BLOOD of Christ is the one thing that makes the doctrines of the holiness and grace of God, of the divine and human nature of Christ, and of our deliverance from sin and union with God, understandable. ~ Andrew Murray, The Blood of Christ
Faith accepts as certainty that what the Word of God says the power of God is prepared to make real. ~ Andrew Murray, The Blood of Christ
Abiding in Christ means abiding in the heavenly places with all the spiritual blessings God bestows through Him. Faith in Christ is unceasing dependence on Him, fellowship with Him, and receiving every grace the soul needs from His hand. ~ Andrew Murray, The Believers Call to Commitment
The Spirit must guide us into all truth. But it will be step by step that He leads us into the eternal purposes of God. The fullness of the Spirit is preparation for living and working as a child of God. ~ Andrew Murray, The Fullness of the Spirit
A soul cannot seek close fellowship with God or attain to a consciousness of waiting on Him without an honest and entire surrender to His will. ~ Andrew Murray, Waiting on God

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