Monday, July 1, 2013

Twenty Years of The Standard

In just a few months, The Standard, an album by Carman will celebrate its twentieth anniversary; it released in the fall of 1993. (The mp3 album, Amazon.) This is quite an album. I think I've listened to it hundreds of times. All happy-happy memories. If I had to pick just one Carman album, it would be this one. It is, in my opinion, his very best.

The songs:

Who's In the House
Now's The Time To Celebrate
Great God
Everybody Praise the Lord
The River
Marchin' and Movin'
Sunday School Rock
Holdin' On
Lord, I Love You
America Again

Each song--perhaps with the exception of "The River"--holds a memory for me. I'm not sure I could pick just one favorite song from the album, but, to narrow it down: "Great God," "Lord, I Love You," "Sunday School Rock," "Who's In the House," and "Now's The Time To Celebrate."

Raising the Standard Concert

From "Great God"

 God is a God of righteousness
God sits on the throne
God is strong in battle
God is God alone
God is wise and merciful
God is sovereign Lord
God is pure and holy
God reigns forevermore

From "Sunday School Rock"

 We'll start with the basics, a checklist for the saints
Love the Lord with all your heart and mind and soul and strength
To fear the Lord is wisdom, to serve the Lord divine
To really break it down just repeat these words of mine
I love Jesus! (I love Jesus!)
Yes I do! (Yes I do!)
I love Jesus! (I love Jesus!)
How 'bout you? (How 'bout you?)
I love Jesus, yes I do
I love Jesus HOW 'BOUT YOU!

© Becky Laney of Operation Actually Read Bible

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