Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Year With Spurgeon: Week #29

Sleep is the gift of God; and not a man would close his eyes, did not God put his fingers on his eyelids; did not the Almighty send a soft and balmy influence over his frame which lulled his thoughts into quiescence, making him enter into that blissful state of rest which we call sleep. ~ Charles Spurgeon, "The Peculiar Sleep of the Beloved"
If ye have sinned but once, ye shall be damned for it, unless ye have something to take away that one sin. ~ Charles Spurgeon, "The Peculiar Sleep of the Beloved"
Some think it matters not what a man believes. Excuse me: truth is alway precious, and the least atom of truth is worth searching out. ~ Charles Spurgeon, "The Peculiar Sleep of the Beloved"
And, if you are not a reader of the Bible, if you take doctrines second-hand, if you go to chapel, and say, “I do not like that:’ what matters your not liking it, provided it is in the Bible? Is it Biblical truth, or is it not? If it is God’s truth, let us have it exalted. It may not suit you; but let me remind you, that the truth that is in Jesus never was palatable to carnal men, and I believe never will be. The reason you love it not, is because it cuts too much at your pride; it lets you down too low. Search yourselves, then, in doctrine. ~ Charles Spurgeon, "The Peculiar Sleep of the Beloved"
He hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in Christ. A new heart, a tender conscience, a submissive will, faith, hope, love, patience, we have all these in Christ. Regeneration, justification, adoption, sanctification, perfection are all in Christ. ~ Charles Spurgeon, "Blessing for Blessing"

God called us in Christ. He justified us in Christ. He sanctified us in Christ. He will perfect us in Christ. He will glorify us in Christ. We have everything in Christ, and we have nothing apart from Christ. Let us praise and bless the name of the Lord that this sacred channel of his grace is as glorious as the grace itself. There is as much grace in the gift of Christ to save us as there is in the salvation which Christ has wrought out for us. ~ Charles Spurgeon, "Blessing for Blessing"
The object of our election is our holiness, and the object of every spiritual blessing is our holiness. God is aiming at making us holy. ~ Charles Spurgeon, "Blessing for Blessing"
Without Christ, you can do nothing, and you are nothing, and you have nothing. Come to Jesus as you are, and put your trust in him, and then all things are yours. ~ Charles Spurgeon, "Blessing for Blessing"
God is ours. He that is our God is the God of salvation. His omnipotence and omniscience, his immutability and his faithfulness - all his attributes are ours. The Father is ours; the Son is ours; the Spirit is ours. The God of election is ours; the God of redemption is ours; the God of sanctification is ours. Oh! with all this, how can we be cast down? Why should we repine! We have certainly abounding cause for blessing and praising the Lord. Those are the mercies of life. ~ Charles Spurgeon, "Blessing for Blessing"
We are in a wrong state of mind if we are not in a thankful state of mind. ~ Charles Spurgeon, "Blessing for Blessing"
You may stop praising God when he stops having mercy upon you - not till then; and as there is always a new mercy coming to your doors let new praise be going up out of your hearts. ~ Charles Spurgeon, "Blessing for Blessing"

© Becky Laney of Operation Actually Read Bible

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some of these made me want to stand and shout AMEN! wonderful stuff!