Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Book Review: Love Takes Wing (1988)

Love Takes Wing. Janette Oke. 1988. Bethany House. 240 pages. [Source: Own].

Love Takes Wing is the seventh book in the Love Comes Softly series by Janette Oke. It is the second book to focus on Belinda Davis, the last child, the "surprise" baby of Clark and Marty. Belinda is all grown up. But though men may be very interested in her, in marrying her, she's not at all interested in marrying. Not yet. Oh, she wants to marry someday. She does. But why do men keep proposing to her now? Perfectly charming, completely delightful men who just don't understand that she's not ready for marriage.

Belinda is a nurse who works closely with her brother Luke and another new doctor, Jackson Brown. When she's not busy nursing patients, there are two men: Rand and Jackson who are competing for her company.

This book sees Belinda becoming a companion of a very wealthy but oh-so-lonely woman and traveling to Boston and then Paris. Will Belinda find her way back home?

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Anonymous said...

I read Loves Unfolding Dream (one of the first in this series). I am looking forward to finding the rest of them.