Friday, November 22, 2013

Giving Thanks #22 Behold the Lamb

Behold The Lamb Of God: The True Tall Tale of The Coming of Christ is one of the MOST amazing albums I've ever experienced. How many Christmas albums can you honestly say that you'd want to listen to all year round? As in 365 days a year?! I know only of one. This wonderful little album by Andrew Peterson.

What makes this album so wonderful, so awesome? Simple, heart-felt lyrics that are God-centered. This isn't an album for decking the halls and jingling those bells on a sleigh ride. You can tell by listening to this one what celebrating Christmas is supposed to be like. A true worship experience. A chance for you to encounter God right where you are.

You should definitely read his post "A Question I Cannot Answer" in which he talks about working on this album.

At its core, it was to present the story of Christmas in a new way. I wanted to reach deep into the Old Testament and sing about the Passover, and King David, and Isaiah’s prophecies. I wanted to capture with song the same thrill that captured me in Bible college when the epic scope of the Gospel story first bowled me over. But I didn’t just want to dwell on what came before Jesus’ birth. I wanted to sing about what came after. His crucifixion and resurrection were the reasons he was born in the first place. You can’t have Christmas without Easter. So there was a lot of ground to cover with a handful of songs, and I had my doubts.

You can purchase the CD through his website or as an mp3 album download on Amazon.

Gather 'Round, Ye Children, Come
Passover Us
So Long, Moses
Deliver Us
O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
Matthew's Begats
It Came To Pass
Labor of Love
The Holly and The Ivy
While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks
Behold The Lamb of God
The Theme Of My Song/ Reprise

So Long, Moses

Behold the Lamb of God

Matthew's Begats

While Shepherds Watched Their Sheep

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