Thursday, November 7, 2013

Book Review: Prodigal Cat

Prodigal Cat. Janette Oke. 1984. Bethany House. 160 pages. [Source: Childhood Copy]

The Prodigal Cat is a pleasant little children's novel told from the perspective of a cat. This cat will end up with three names to match the three owners of her life: Mittens, Calico, and Ginger. Mittens, her kitten name, shows her mischievous side best perhaps. For it is the fact that Mittens and her brothers and sisters are a little too rough in their playing that leads all the kittens to being packed away to the animal shelter. There are some uncertain days in this book first when she's at the animal shelter and again when she's homeless (in between "Calico" and "Ginger." Mittens is adopted and renamed Calico. She loves almost everything about her new home--except the dog! But a family picnic with all the pets proves to be a TERRIBLE idea. For Calico runs a little too far away while the dog chases her, and, she never does get to go back to that home. These homeless days are rough. But eventually Calico is adopted again...and renamed again. Ginger is a cat with a calling. Her owner is a nurse, I believe, and Ginger is a nurse as well. She accompanies her owner and keeps company with sick people. She is the bright spot in the midst of their pain and suffering. She is beloved by many...

It's a good, somewhat sweet story. Cat lovers may enjoy this one.

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