Monday, November 18, 2013

Book Review: The Impatient Turtle

The Impatient Turtle. Janette Oke. 1986. Bethany House. 112 pages. [Source: Childhood Copy]

I was pleasantly surprised by The Impatient Turtle by Janette Oke. I don't remember reading this one when I was younger. In this parable-of-sorts, readers meet an impatient turtle who struggles with contentment. He sees boys having so much fun at the pond: running, jumping, diving, swinging, sliding, playing, etc. But as a turtle, well, he's limited by his shell. He can't run. He can't jump. He can't slide. He wants to pack every single day with fun no matter if it's "safe" or not. (Like when he thinks it's GREAT fun to tease the men with fishing poles. It's great fun for him, not so much fun for his friend who got hooked). Friendship plays a big role in this one. I definitely enjoyed it, yes, it had a very strong, very obvious message, but I didn't seem to mind it this time.

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