Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Book Review: A Cote of Many Colors

A Cote of Many Colors. Janette Oke. 1987. Bethany House. 144 pages. [Source: Childhood Copy]

I haven't read a great many books narrated by birds in my life, but, A Cote of Many Colors is enjoyable. It isn't solely told through a pigeon's point of view--for better or worse. The pigeons on the farm are upset. Mr. Faraday has completely gone missing. He has not remembered to feed them. He has not come out from the house though it is hours past time. The birds are restless, and so are the next-door neighbors who watch the birds as their favorite hobby. They have a feeling that something is wrong, that the birds are upset for a good reason, that Mr. Faraday's actions aren't typical...and they are brave enough to trespass and look through his windows to see if he is okay. They see him passed out on the floor; they get him help. Mark and Timmie give him continued help over the next years as everyone's life changes dramatically.

A Cote of Many Colors is a pleasant read though I don't quite understand the racing aspect of it.

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