Thursday, July 10, 2014

Book Review: A Captain for Laura Rose

A Captain for Laura Rose. Stephanie Grace Whitson. 2014. FaithWords. 336 pages. [Source: Library]

A Captain for Laura Rose is historical fiction set in 1867. Miss Laura Rose White is the heroine. Her father, now deceased, was a captain of the steamboat, Laura Rose. Her brother is now captain of the Laura Rose. Laura knows how to pilot the boat very well. In fact, she knows just as much if not more than her brother, Joe. And she doesn't have her brother's weakness for alcohol. But. She cannot get her license and be an official captain or second pilot because she's a woman. Laura is convinced that one day she will, she most definitely will. But. At the beginning of the novel, her main concern besides sobering up her brother, is to get the Laura Rose ready to go. They need money! They need lots of money! There are bills to pay, debts to pay.

Her brother's best friend, Finn MacKnight is also a pilot. He used to  work for their father. Before his own troubles with alcohol and/or arrogance led to his dismissal. Now that he's sober, he wants a second chance to prove himself. A chance that Joe is definitely willing, more than willing in fact, to give him. It helps that these two are best, best friends. And that Joe happens to be in love with Finn's younger sister, Adele. Laura Rose is willing to certain degree. If her mother and brother think that giving Finn a second chance is a great idea, the right thing to do, the Christian thing to do, then she'll go along with it. She's not going to insist on her own way. She knows some battles are worth fighting, and, others not so much.

One battle that is important for her is without a doubt retaining ownership of the Laura Rose, of settling her father's debts, of holding onto her legacy. She will fight to keep the Laura Rose.

Much fight will be required. I can't say much more about all the events in this one. But. Expect some romance….

I definitely enjoyed this one!

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