Sunday, December 28, 2014

Year in Review: Bible Reading 2014

In 2014, I read the whole Bible four times. (That is, I read the Old Testament through in its entirety four times.) Some Old Testament books, I read more than four times. The Old Testament book I read most was--and this should come as no surprise--Psalms. I read Psalms 17 times in 2014!!! There were two books I read through 8 times: Ruth and Isaiah. There were a handful of books I read through seven times: Genesis, Proverbs, Jonah, Nahum, and Habakkuk.

Last year, I only read the Old Testament through three times! So I read more in 2014.

I read the New Testament through ten times in 2014. (That is, each New Testament book was read at least ten times.) Some New Testament books I read more often in. I used the MacArthur reading system (same book, 30 days in a row) several times this year: 1 Thessalonians (51), 2 Thessalonians (51), Hebrews (45), and Revelation (43). (Last year, I was able to read the New Testament through eleven times.) The gospels (and Acts) made up 14.6% of all my New Testament reading. The epistles and Revelation made up 85.4% of all my New Testament reading.

I read in 20 different translations this year. 32 weeks out of the year, I read in the KJV translation, making it the top translation I used in 2014. This is not a record of how many books I read in each translation, however. So I could have read the whole New Testament in two or three weeks in a certain translation, and still have that translation show up in the list with a tiny number. So how does this list match up with how I feel about each translation?! Well, my three favorite-favorite translations are ESV, KJV, and NASB. I got new Bibles last year in the NIV and the NRSV translations, so I think that is why they appear so high on the list.

  • KJV (and KJV audio) 32 weeks
  • NIV (and NIV-UK) 23 weeks
  • ESV 23 weeks
  • NRSV 19 weeks 
  • NKJV 16 weeks
  • NASB 14 weeks
  • HCSB 8 weeks
  • MEV 7 weeks
  • ASV, 1901 7 weeks
  • New English Bible 7 weeks
  • RSV 7 weeks
  • Revised English Bible 6 weeks
  • ERV, 1885 5 weeks
  • NLT 5 weeks
  • Living 4 weeks
  • NIrV 3 weeks
  • 1599 Geneva Bible 3 weeks
  • NCV 1 week
  • GNT 1 week 

I kept track of my Bible reading weekly.

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