Monday, March 18, 2019

Book Review: And There Was Evening, And There Was Morning

And There Was Evening, And There Was Morning. Ellen Kahan Zager. Illustrated by Harriet Cohen Helfand. 2018. 24 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence:
Day One
The world began when God said "light,"
And changed the world from dark to bright.
Dark in the night and light in the day,
Our beautiful world was underway.
Premise/plot: Ellen Kahan Zager uses verse to retell the Creation story. The illustrations are built with Hebrew letters--the letters form the shapes of the words they are signifying. For example, the Hebrew word for water is used--many, many times--to create the waves in the illustration. Another example, the Hebrew word for pomegranate is used--again multiple times--to create the fruit in the illustration.

My thoughts: I really enjoyed this one. At first I was unimpressed with the illustrations. Until I began looking closer--much, much closer. I'm not sure a young child would appreciate all the work that went into the illustrations. But adult readers definitely should. The verse was well done. Overall I really liked this one.

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